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Youth group games on dating

In addition to a teaching 'script' there are small group discussion guides, hand outs, links for video clips, and more!

One of the series we did at Youth this year was called ‘Eat Fresh’ and it was all about getting a fresh dose of the Word each day.

Part of the series focused on the importance of regular Bible reading, and the other part was all about Bible knowledge.

So the idea behind this game was to have a bit of fun and gain more knowledge about different people in the Bible.

They are allowed to use the Bible to look up information. Once the student has correctly guessed the Bible character they can swap places with someone else from their team, who then has to guess the next character.

The game continues until the whole stack has been correctly guessed. Instead of playing until the stack is finished, set a time limit (4 or 5 minutes?

Download the Bible Speed Dating profile cards from our library here. Sign up here) Print the profile cards onto card (or back them on card after printing on paper) and cut them out.

Series Overview: Week 1: Before You Play Week 2: Game Play Week 3: Game Over Week 4: Reset Button I really appreciated all that was part of this download. The way we raised boys in the faith 20 years ago eliminated the very kinds of men some women would love to be dating today.The pebbles are shaken through a series of screens that remove every stone that's either too large or too small.You’ll need a table set up with two chairs across from each other. Split your group into teams and assign a leader to each team.Teams can sit near their tables with the leader and one student sitting at the table.

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Churches all over the world report a shortage of men in the pews – and it seems to be getting worse. One woman put it this way: "Well, about two thirds of the singles [at my church] are women, and the men who come are kinda wimpy. There's a reason they're single." So I'll ask the question you've probably asked a thousand times: Where are all the dynamic, single godly men? The more I study men and church, the more I'm convinced “B” is the more likely cause.

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