Wow armory not updating gear

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It was not until many months after the revamp was announced that it was revealed in alpha screenshots that an option existed to use the old models instead of the new ones, allowing players some recourse if they found the new models to be entirely unpalatable.Nonetheless complaint continued regarding the changes, especially as Blizzard continued to state that they had no plans to offer a free re-customization for characters after the new models had been introduced.Representing a work in progress, the models often varied over time, rendering earlier images out of date.For videos and further images, as well as comparison to the older models, see here and here.It had been stated at Blizz Con 2013 that once the pre-Cataclysm races were complete, the developers would revisit the worgen and goblins for another look and determine if they required graphical updates to match the quality of the pandaren models.In the announcement blog for 6.0.2 it was stated the worgen and goblins would indeed be seeing an update at some point.Over this time almost all of the models were previewed to players in the Artcraft blog series, and many underwent significant revisions, both in response to player feedback, and due to being "works in progress".The revamp saw extensive concern and complaint from players at the prospect of having the appearance of their much-loved characters changed so drastically, and with no guarantees that they would like the results.

was an overhaul and upgrading of the player character models, the first wave of which was implemented in Patch 6.0.2.While appearances could be changed through the paid Appearance Change service, many players felt it was only fair to allow players to re-customize their faces for free following the revamp, especially as many of the faces did not correspond particularly closely to the face they would be replacing.It was not until September, around a month before the models were implemented, that it was revealed that Warlords would see players able to adjust their faces in the barbershop, something that had not previously been possible.However, it was not until November 2013 that the first new models would be revealed, and then only a few.The other models were slowly revealed over the course of 2014, with all models except the blood elves completed by October of that year, in time for implementation in Patch 6.0.2.

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