Unrealistic expectations dating

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Unrealistic expectations dating

Can you not let an idea go until you both agree (or your partner agrees with you) even if it means you are up half the night arguing?

Are there some ‘rules for a relationship’ that you just can’t give up? Those messages will repeat themselves in your grownup relationships unless you've spent time trying to understand and change them. If your dad was always betraying your mom and she looked the other way, you might learn that women should put up with anything and ignore any and all indiscretions.When I begin my rants about women not needing to fill a ridiculous list of demands from men to find happy, functioning partnerships, they—in all their Black girl, neck-rolling glory—remind me that I’ve been married and am currently in a relationship, then proceed to tell me to have a stadium of seats. She has zero rhythm, and I tease her about it often.She’s also an established CPA with a wonderful sense of humor who creates immaculately crafted pastries for fun and has a ridiculously banging body. When I asked her why she all of a sudden wants to add “stripper” to her repertoire she replied, “Haven’t you heard?

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