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Unlimited live chat

The bot will not know what a customer wants if the question is not specific enough.· Customers can miss the contact they receive with a human.A live chat is an online customer service software with live support.

Live chats are very adequate but the respondstime is way slower than a chatbot.

Similar to human reasoning, it basically works by searching for the meaning of the sentences, and not just seeking for specific keywords.

Natural language processing(NLP) is a field of artificial intelligence, computational linguistics and computer science concerned with the interactions between computers and human (natural) languages.

By being able to show emotions, they can think with the customer.

· The quality of the conversation is better than compared with a chatbot.

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A chatbot is a service that is powered by rules, interacting with your customers via a chat interface. Currently there are two different kinds of chatbots: a normal chatbot and an intelligent chatbot that works with machine learning and .