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My advice to you is to remind him that you two are together for a reason, to compliment him, to nurture him, and to not put yourself in shady situations really. (you said you dated *plenty* of Aries women heheheh) I can't even remind him of these things because we are not officially together.

I've dated plenty of Aries women at this point that I know how they are but at first, it was a challenge for sure! He's attentive and I don't doubt his feelings however, he does maintain a distance.

I don't know, I don't like generalization you know?

I'm a Taurus and all, but I love honesty and respect the hell out of a person when they can be real with me.

I want to be more vocal about my feelings but I often hold back because I'm afraid it will scare him.

I hear you guys scare easily when too much emotion is shown?

I want to remain true to myself though, social and happy and bubbly with people. Posted by forfunzies123 @x Xx Alicia Xx X, I've read some articles specifically stating that a Taurus and Aries go well together only if it's Taurus man and Aries woman. In my personal opinion, it's because Aries women are much more mature and level headed than their male counterparts. Taurus men exude strength and they shower the women in their lives with so much love and affection, which Aries women love. A Taurus woman doesn't have time to deal with a toddler trapped in a grown mans body. I only talk to like 2-4 my whole life or didn't know it through school never was into astrology like that. I've been dating a Taurus man for a couple of months now and we're taking it slow. They're strong, fun, extroverted, fast paced, and sexy as hell.Only gripe with them is that they're very impulsive which can lead to cheating. For the most part, they're awesome for me but I have venus in Aries.We met as co-workers working for the Federal Government.The GOO dedicated worker (my bull has 2 jobs) Key word dedicated (he doesn't like to work hard lol), the bull has a knack for dedication but they don't like to work hard just make the appearance of such lol.

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I have an Aries merc and Leo rising and moon in my chart so I get on extremely well with both these signs! Once an Aries man has caught his prey he plays with it for a bit then quickly moves on to the next victim..

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