Only sexy girls chat

Posted by / 07-Jul-2017 18:20

Only sexy girls chat

Just because there are so many creepy guys on Facebook doesn’t mean that you have to be one of them.In fact, it is very easy to NOT be creepy when you simply behave like a normal dude.With this behavior you basically force her to block you and to lose faith in men.Yep, these are the kind of messages that will make her fantasize about you in her wet dreams…

None of these guys would say the things they write during a real conversation in a coffee shop, on the street or in a shopping mall.Even though it is a virtual conversation without direct eye contact it follows that also apply to a conversation you have with a girl in the real world.She doesn’t want to get to know a self-proclaimed Facebook playboy.Heck, I am 100% sure that most of the guys who literally harass women on social networking sites wouldn’t write such a crap when they would pay a monthly fee on a legit online dating site.When you come to think of it a conversation on Facebook is the same as a conversation you have on the street.

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Even though you won’t ever hear me saying that picking up women on Facebook is an appropriate substitute for approaching women in real life, it would be a fatal mistake to ignore it.