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Online dating in uniform

Last weekend at a Dining Out, one third of the couples at our table met each other online. If you and your service member met online, did you give them an edge because they were military?These women said that the military guys they dated on line were more likely to call them back. They called when they said they were going to call. Tell us your story When it comes to finding a life partner, chances are that we will be doing more of that on the Internet, what factors do you think are most important? And if you are a non-uniformed person looking for a date in uniform you can also join Uniform Dating for free and see who you fancy.

You can join for free (standard membership), which allows you to create a profile, upload a video, and use the extensive search function.It’s simple; very simple: just follow these steps and we’re certain you’ll nail the date from beginning to end.Pick her up and drop her off at home, don’t be late, listen, ask questions, pay the bill and don’t do anything stupid. When it comes to the research, you might be surprised to find that men in uniform really do have kind of an edge when it comes to finding a mate on the Internet. They received an above average number of first contact e- mails, keywords, and were browsed more often than men in other occupations. Holding all other things constant, guys who stated that they were in the military (like those who said they were doctors or lawyers or firefighters) did have an advantage online.

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Once you’ve created your profile you also have access to five free messages with your matches.

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