Ollie barbieri and kaya scodelario dating speed dating london december

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Ollie barbieri and kaya scodelario dating

"Nothing like that really sinks in - it's not real to me... ' And they were measuring their favourite gay TV characters in measures of Emily Fitches - 'That's 4.5 Emily Fitches! Lily revealed that Luke Pasqualino was the funniest cast mate because he's a "performer" - and both she and Kathryn reminisced about characters like "Spanish salsa man" that he used to go into. "Luke was doing an interview in one of the houses and Jack decided to take off all his clothes and walk through the shot," Lily revealed.

"I don't know if that comes through in his character in , but in real life he's one of the funniest people I've ever met - he's absolutely hilarious," Lily said. "Jack's walking past the blinds because it's a fake house and he's completely starkers naked, and he's peering in.

And Luke's just like, 'Oh, I do not want to see that'." (Incidentally, the pair both said Jack was possibly the cast member most like his character, though Kathryn also suggested Ollie Barbieri is like JJ...

only more "socially able".) cast having late-night raves, you'd be wrong - they were far too conscientious for that. On which other characters they would have liked to play...

You'd be surprised - the duo didn't really take anything as a memento when the show ended (though Kathryn admitted to getting her hands on "half of Effy's wardrobe"). Lily agreed: "If they do, then no-one likes them, and it's not 'sexy' to act like that." moments...

"I cried on the fittings day because they chopped my hair off, bleached it blonde and then dressed me like a boy," she admitted, adding that producers actually wanted to cut it shorter."I called my boyfriend at the time, texted all of my friends and then had to go back underground," she explained."And then I came back up - I had a million texts of people being like, 'Ahh!Cook and Freddie try to keep away from Effy but neither can resist for long resulting in a fight. Cook (air date: 2010-02-11) After failing to reign in his jealousy of Freddie and Effy's reunion and hospitalising the kid he beat up in a room full of witnesses, Cook finds himself in prison.When released on bail, he is forced to live with his mother due to the terms of his electronic tag.

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is about to come to a close and we're feeling rather blue about the whole thing, given that we've loved the show since it first started way back when.