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Oasis dating site uk

Complete piece of rubbish website owned by RSVP to fake competition.

Making me a very unhappy customer you are all very professional and I am very disgusted with this site shame on you all.Am totally sick of being ''liked'' by men who want easy coitus on the side. This is outrageous considering that we are a bi sexual couple with all the public scrutiny of gender discrimination. Contrary to the bad reviews I find lots of nice men here in fact I found my sparks just recently. I have met the same people on zoosk and interacted with them while on oasis they rejected all attempts at contact. I was on oasis 6 years ago and it's still exacly the same thing alright if your a women they have the upper hand delete button no one ever chooses you only people you get are scammers absolute scum of the earth bye bye oasis active you suck This site is so disgusting.So, my female partner and I put up a genuine profile of what we wanted, a man on the side for occasional fun. All who define their own gender, like us, ban OASIS as a discriminatory patriarchal site. Wasn't going to try Oasis as I had used it years ago but I did anyway. I will definitely use this site again if ever this one won't work out. You can't talk to anyone unless they like your profile. It is free which is it's best and worst feature. I am very unhappy customer and in my belief management and staff are very unprofessional.Sick to death of how women hide their profiles from me because of their god like egos or strange insecurities.There is no way to find out if my profile is good one. Women are Rude only good site if you are a women as they get to pick and Choose who they like and can discard you at the drop of a hat most of them are just insecure don't know what they want in life they will wait 30 years if they have to woman have to much patience it's just typical of them. The only way to meet woman is to get out in the real world and try there as sitting on your butt behind a computer screen or your phone is just lazy and you spend your life on your phone anyway poor site give up ( : I am a mature member of this site. I like being able to choose who I will reply to, and discard who I don't wish to reply to. I find that no matter how much I spell out what I do and don't want, my words are disregarded and contacts are often misleading and inappropriate.

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I do think even putting up a good profile with photos the women still act like god to block, put under review or hide their profiles from me. Some of the behaviour from socalled mature users beggars belief!

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