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Kuroki won the Television Drama Academy Award and TV Life Drama Grand Prix for Best Supporting Actress in 2009 for her role in the Fuji TV drama, Ninkyo Helper.In 2006, she starred in Chakushin Ari: Final, the final installment of the Chakushin Ari franchise, for which she earned the Golden Arrow Award for Newcomer of the Year.It has been a huge turn for Jin's career after having issues with his talent agency Johnny's Entertainment.He married Meisa on February 2, 2012 and their daughter named Theia was born on September 23, 2012 in Okinawa.The latest news about the controversial couple was posted days ago stating that Jin is already a hands-on dad to his daughter. So happy for Jin and Meisa." Kuroki performed on the soundtrack of the 2007 film Crows Zero, in which she also appeared.

In addition to her modeling work for the fashion magazines JJ and 25ans, Kuroki has released two photobooks, one of her own, Love Meisa, and a joint one, Missmatch, with her best friend and actress, Maki Horikita, photographed by Kishin Shinoyama.Meisa’s image is said to have been tarnished by her husband, and is rumoured to be signing the divorce papers in April before she starts shooting her new drama.She had also admitted earlier she has not been in contact with her husband for some time.In 2010, Kuroki played the role of Yuki Mori in the live-action film Space Battleship Yamato, opposite Takuya Kimura.In 2011, Kuroki co-starred with Mikako Tabe in her first serial drama lead role in the TV Asahi drama Jiu: Keishicho Tokushuhan Sosakei.

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Largest online resource for Breaking K-pop news, Photos and Celebrity Gossip, Models, News, videos, Buzz, Interview, Fashion and Style Gallery, Blogs and Bios on Asian Celebrities And Music, Community! Japanese actress Meisa Kuroki recently revealed that she manages her own assets, and so does her husband, musician Jin Akanishi, sparking speculation that the couple may be on the verge of divorce, as they have been rumoured to be facing issues in their relationship.