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John cusack dating neve campbell

She called him a "very good friend," and a rep for Rebecca denied she was in a relationship. February 2010 - 2011John Cusack dated Brooke Burns.According to Perez Hilton: "The awesome John Cusack is dating former Baywatch lifeguard Brooke Burns!!His first movie role, at the age of 16, was in a tacky sex comedy called Class.But in 1989 he was unforgettable in Cameron Crowe’s Say Anything, in which he plays a kickboxer who stands outside the window of the girl of his dreams (Ione Skye) and blasts Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes” on his boom box.John Cusack “The fun thing about boxing is what it brings up when you do it. When I saw their pictures in interviewss, I remember thinking, God, I want to be the guy who gets to sleep with her — and I was the guy who was sleeping with her.” In a world populated by teen stars gone bad — one in which Danny Bonaduce and Todd Bridges reign supreme — it’s easy to forget that not all young actors grow up to rob gas stations.You’re afraid that you’ll become a coward and run for your mommy, and you’re also afraid that you’ll become a killer, that you’ll lose control.” “If my movie does well right now, nobody will care what I said about Iraq. In fact, John Cusack has become such a respected actor-writer-producer that few people recall he’s been working since he was a teenager.The two dated after meeting in Canada when she was filming "Three to Tango" and he was shooting "Pushing Tin".

(11-Oct-1985) The Journey of Natty Gann (8-Sep-1985) The Sure Thing (1-Mar-1985) Grandview, U.

He attended New York University, dropping out after one semester. [smiles wryly] Playboy: Would you like to settle down? Cusack: For some guys it’s not that they’re into bachelor status; they’re just loners. Cusack: There are some good qualities associated with it. Cusack: The downside is that you tend not to rely on other people as much as you should. Playboy: In most professions complete strangers don’t ask about your sex life. I can understand how it’s tricky, because some artists reveal very personal things in their work and then say, “I’m not going to discuss this publicly.” You get all these glimpses into their psyches, and in some ways there’s no boundary at all. Who would want to listen to your album or read your book or see you in a movie? It’s a certain kind of acting with that brand-recognition quality to it. Playboy: We read that your parents were politically radical. Playboy: Did your parents take you to protest marches? They made me go to church until I was old enough to rebel against it. Then they saw me in a movie, and I got a little more play. The one original idea Hitler had was that art and politics would be forever fused and that whoever controls images and symbols — the aesthetics of art in a political sense — has the power. Then there’s the reaction against it all, the desire to turn back the clock, the Taliban or the Islamic fundamentalists who would like us to live in the seventh century. The reason the planes that hit the World Trade Center were delayed, one and then the other, was because they knew that once the first plane hit, every camera in the world would be on the buildings when the second plane hit. It wasn’t just a murder, it was the iconography of the murder that was inherent in it. Now I think I’m going to see if I can take that organization and swing it to one of the Democrats.

Vogue interviews called him “the embodiment of what today’s women want,” but Cusack is circumspect about past relationships with Meg Ryan and Neve Campbell. Cusack: I’ve been able to stay in relationships, so no, I don’t, but I admit that commitment is difficult, so yeah, I do. You’re not as concerned with other people’s opinions. Do you find it annoying that the public wants to know these details? It’s not smart, let alone what it does to your psyche. Cusack: To pimp yourself out for no goddamn good reason? Playboy: On the other hand, is there a price to being so guarded? If it’s someone who seems to care about movies, who is thoughtful, who has knowledge, and they write something good, you secretly feel good that they respect your work. Playboy: You once said that you watch your movies when they come on cable until you get embarrassed or otherwise horrified. Cusack: Sometimes it doesn’t bother me, if the movie is good. Playboy: Is it a particularly good or bad time in the movie business? The bigger movies are leaving people unsatisfied, and many aren’t doing any business, no matter how much money they put into the marketing. From what I can see, they’re making really bad stuff. Cusack: No, and they never insisted that we think like them, though they did try to make me a Catholic. Playboy: Of course, that was never your motivation for wanting to become an actor, right? It was just understood that I could act and go to school. Then I did some plays, went to Africa and then went to NYU for a semester before dropping out and going back to the movies. Cusack: I think I just had too much fire in the belly. In that way Hitler was completely ahead of his time. Why did these Taliban guys blow up those Buddhist temples in the mountains? Playboy: You were criticized for suggesting that the World Trade Center attacks were good art. I’m saying what others have said: The attack was as devastating as it was, beyond the number of dead, because of the nightmares it implanted in the heads of Americans. The hope was to create chaos and fear, to cripple the economy. Playboy: Who is behind the Cusack-for-president campaign? These days I’m really interested in the people from the left who want to work with the people on the right. Bono works with people whose politics may repel him, but things are accomplished.

He’s more open about his other passions, including basketball, boxing and politics. Cusack: I’m guarded and cautious, but it’s not that big a deal. I do interviews and pictures to publicize movies, but you have to be incredibly stupid to express your love to another human being in fucking Us interviews. Playboy: Is this what you have described as celebrity porn? And sometimes I feel as if all media are porn — political porn, celebrity porn, whatever. Cusack: The salaciousness, plus the format: obsessive and addictive. It’s warped, and it warps your perspective on the world. When anyone writes really nice things, I tend to agree with them. Everything is a sequel, the Charlie’s Angels thing: more than, bigger than, louder than. Playboy: Are you and Joan the only fulltime actors? Cusack: One can argue that that’s the motivation for everything. Max, the character I play, saw all these great artists processing their World War I experiences in their work, with honesty. It’s not like somebody sneezes and it’s on a canvas. It wasn’t because there was an arms cache underneath them. Playboy: With, a Democratic operative attempted to organize a political campaign that would draft you into the race. He worked with Jesse Helms and, as a result, helped reduce Third World debt. Playboy: Many people on the left think that sitting down with Bush or Helms and reaching a compromise is the ultimate in selling out.

Some of his fans have tried to exploit the last, creating a website devoted to drafting him to run for president of the United States. I have found a great system for dealing with the stuff they write about me. ” I say, “Get the fuck out of here.” I don’t want to hear some garbage about me. [laughs] Actually, I’m talking about the tabloid stuff. For example, I’ve been out with girls who are on the covers of interviewss. Cusack: [Smiling, shaking his head] I’ve dated them — some very beautiful women. I feel the pedigree of the specific writer is impeccable, that he or she is brilliant. Cusack: If they think I’m an idiot, I dismiss them as tabloid trash. For smaller, more independent movies, however, it’s a relatively good time. With new technologies you can make movies really cheaply, so it’s easier to be profitable. All you’ve got to do is come down the court, look left, throw the ball, and she’ll be there. It takes great courage; you have to look within yourself. Cusack: Not if you get the debt reduced, not if you reach your goal.

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The two had a moment in the premiere of the film "Identity" in March, 2003.2004John Cusack was rumored to be dating Rebecca Romijn.

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