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Intp dating humor

Another important INTP trait is that they are more interested in underlying structures of things and principles that seem to govern these things rather than the things themselves.Because INTP’s thoughts are precise and organized, their language is precise too.

⇧ Other Names for INTP Just like other types, INTP has other names given by Myers-Briggs and those who later expanded on their theory.

Being intuitive means that you pay more attention to general concepts, abstract ideas and interpretations; facts and details are secondary to you.

Your inclination to use your thinking faculty instead of feelings makes you a highly rational person who prioritizes logic and reason.

Alan Brownsword, the author of “It Takes All Types”, called it “Builder of Theories”. Niednagel, the author of brain typing theory based on Jung’s and Myer-Briggs’s works, called this personality type “Creative Logician”.

Some online sources made up their own names for INTP: Logician, Rational Philosopher, The Inventive Logician.

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