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Greek orthodox christian single dating

In order for a marriage to be a reflection of Christ's relationship to the Church, both spouses need to have a common understanding of three things: (1) Who Christ is and what He teaches and expects, (2) what the Church is and isn't, and (3) the relationship between the two.

Without a common understanding of these three points, it's difficult if not impossible to make the home into a church.

Both paths are callings; we often know from a very young age whether we want our future family to be monastic or worldly.

Among those of us who answer the worldly call, it's not uncommon to trip over the misconception that it's okay for a worldly family to be less spiritual than a monastic family.

At the same time, though, no one should deny that people who are serious about these spiritual pursuits usually desire to be equally yoked with others who are serious about them.

While the spiritual aspect of a relationship is unquestionably the most important, it's not entirely wrong to give varying amounts of weight to other factors.

Unlike cultures in which marriages are arranged and the bride and groom have no say in the selection process, the Orthodox Church expects that both partners enter into a marriage of their own free will.

Although it's not right to judge others or to withhold Christian love from them on account of their worldly qualities or lack thereof, it's okay to use discretion in terms of selecting someone who'll fit well into whichever parts of the worldly life are most important to us.

For this reason, God has ordained two equally holy paths for us to travel: The path of monasticism, which is a communal life (men or women living together as brothers or sisters), and the path of marriage, in which men and women live together as husbands and wives.

It is also a family church that is in obedience to Christ's Church.

As Saint Basil the Great says, it is natural to marry, but it must be more than natural; it must be a yoke, borne by two people under the Church …

For the single-but-looking Orthodox Christian serious about his or her spiritual life, it's safest not to marry outside the tribe. This is most important with regard to spiritual matters.

It's good to desire a mate who goes to church regularly, but recognize that such a person will probably expect the same of his or her spouse—i.e., you.

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Unlike the wedding ceremonies in most non-Orthodox churches, marriage in the Orthodox Church is not a contract—a legal agreement with the exchange of vows or promises—between two people.