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Employer mandating flu shot

Perhaps the most prudent course until these issues are resolved is for health care institutions to encourage their employees to receive vaccinations through voluntary flu vaccination programs.The National Institutes of Health have recognized that health care institutions have used a variety of methods to increase immunization rates among employees, including education, reminder notices, small incentives, easy access to free vaccination, and active promotion within the workplace, in addition to compulsory vaccination as a condition of employment.The American Nurses Association released a position statement in August 2015 calling on nurses to receive recommended vaccines, including the influenza vaccine, with only religious or medical exemptions permitted.The ANA supported vaccination because “RNs are responsible for providing patients with evidence-based information to support and promote optimal health and wellness, and for leading by example by participating in health-oriented activities such as immunizations to the greatest possible extent.” On the other hand, National Nurses United has opposed flu shot mandates, saying they engender “distrust and resistance” among employees.Meanwhile, federal courts have issued conflicting opinions with respect to mandatory flu vaccination policies and religious objections.A federal court in Ohio considering whether claims based on religious discrimination should be dismissed in an action regarding a mandatory vaccination policy determined that dismissal was premature.The Court denied the Motion to Dismiss as to Chenzira’s federal and state religious discrimination claims and granted the motion as to her claims based on public policy.The Court reasoned that “it is plausible that Plaintiff could subscribe to veganism with a sincerity equating that of traditional religious views.” Thus, the Court allowed the religious discrimination claims to proceed beyond the motion to dismiss stage.

For example, there could be honorable mentions or rewards for hospital units or wards whose staff vaccination rate reached a set percentage.The court also found that granting Robinson’s exemption request – while allowing her to keep her patient care position – would have created an undue hardship because it was more than a burden.The Bottom Line Employers should use caution when considering implementing a mandatory immunization policy.Positive incentives would eliminate potential infringements of health care workers’ rights and would likely remain cost-effective for participating health care institutions.Whatever the employer’s preference, both mandatory and voluntary vaccination programs should be considered with legal counsel, and measures can be taken to significantly reduce the risk of litigation.

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that all health care workers (HCW), including physicians, nurses, emergency medical personnel, dental professionals and students, medical and nursing students, laboratory technicians, pharmacists, hospital volunteers, and administrative staff receive an annual influenza vaccine.

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