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Dirty bots chat

Saying these numbers are mind-blowing would be an understatement.The tech industry’s enthusiasm for the bot space is simply unprecedented.Yeshi is a chatbot that embodies a young girl in Ethiopia who has to walk 2.5 hours every day to find clean water.The team behind Yeshi leveraged the full spectrum of bot capabilities (geolocation, media sharing, and personal storytelling) to create an immersive emotional experience that helped users discover the harsh reality of Ethiopians like Yeshi.Obviously, there have been a fair number of “fart bots” goofs — after all, we’re all trying to figure out the space and tinkering is the best way to do so — but it’s been interesting to witness the plethora of new ideas and business models emerging from the early trial-and-error days.As we’re wrapping up this spectacular, hyperactive, and pivotal year, I’m trading my “maker” hat for the “judge” hat, trying to identify the Messenger bots of the year that will pave the way for the emergence of best practices for 2017 and beyond.HONORABLE MENTION to Bank of America for their clever chatbot named Erica (am ERICA, get it? A few startups have emerged as the clear winners of the first year of this gold rush.

That said, it’s been built with a clear set of judging criteria in mind.Extra points for the simple yet slick discovery strategy.Once customers book their flights on the website, they simply need to tick a “Send to Messenger” box to receive all of the digital boarding perks.With the addition of horoscopes, Poncho has cracked an interesting use case that ensures recurring daily usage.Its fun, quirky personality should also serve as a benchmark for aspiring conversation designers (aka writers).

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Plus, most of these decisions are binary (A or B type).

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