Dating alan frames

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Dating alan frames

At the same time, others (like ‘Litespeed’ in the US) began to experiment with titanium tubes while front forks moulded from carbon fibre were introduced (‘Look’ in France being the pioneers).Carbon main tubes secured to cast alloy lugs represented a further variation as did a carbon rear triangle married to an alloy main frame.

Three types of racing machines were produced during the 20th century: Road, Track and Path.

It seeks to clarify the main features of classic 20th century racing bicycles, thereby providing an entrée into what many may currently consider to be a largely opaque world which is the exclusive province of or, in Dr. It does so by focusing on a series of obvious questions that interested newcomers are likely to ask, such as: • Why the current interest in 20th century racing bicycles? Aluminium frame tubes were used first, initially being either glued (as in French ‘Vitus’ frames) or both glued and screwed into aluminium lugs (as with ‘ALAN’ frames from Italy).

Then aluminium tubes were TIG welded together to form lugless frames.

The small enterprises produced only racing machines made to order for individual customers.

In contrast, the medium–sized manufacturers produced ‘off–the–peg’ frames in different standard sizes (measured from the centre of the bottom bracket to the top of the top tube [British] or centre of the top tube [Continental]).

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Different grades of tubing were produced by all tubing manufacturers, some being lighter than others.