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Books dating publications

(4) Argument from Jewish oral and written tradition.

Ricciotti argues for the following dates: Matthew 50-55; Mark 55-60; Luke c. Later writers say the same: St Gregory Nazianzus, St John Chrysostom, St Augustine, St Jerome.

Codex Alexandrinus of the early 5th century contains almost all the New Testament. Other scholars point also to the wide use of shorthand and the carrying of notebooks in the Graeco-Roman world, the practice in schools of circulating lecture notes, and the common practice among the disciples of rabbis to make notes of their sayings. French scholar Jean Carmignac was struck by the Semitisms (Hebrew or Semitic way of writing and speaking) of the Greek text of St Mark’s Gospel when in 1963 he began to translate it into Hebrew. Evang., 1911; The Date of Acts and the Synoptic Gospels, Williams & Norgate, London, and Putnam, N. Theologische Quartalsch., Tübingen 1929, IV, pp.443-4 See a list of fifteen scholars in J.

Lindsey comments, “My own encounter with the strong Hebraism of the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke came several years ago when I had occasion to attempt the translation of the Gospel of Mark to Hebrew.

“Turning to Jesus’ oral teaching, we must reckon with the fact that he used a method similar to that of Jewish—and Hellenistic—teachers: the scheme of text and interpretation. Kelly, Jerome, Duckworth, London 1975, pp.65, 223; J.

Swedish Biblicist, Birger Gerhardsson, demonstrates the reliability of the sayings of Jesus as recorded in the Gospels from the teaching and memorisation methods of the Jewish rabbis and disciples at the time of Christ. L’origine et la date des évangiles, Éditions Saint-Paul, Paris 1994, pp.163-4 Resuscitò Cristo, Eparchia di Piana d.

In this updated material taken from the new edition of Sheehan’s Apologetics, Fr Peter Joseph, affirms the reliability of the New Testament literature and questions the conventional theories about late dating. Joseph lectured at St John Vianney Seminary, Wagga Wagga, NSW. Codex Sinaiticus of the mid 4th century contains the entire New Testament. He must have made his disciples learn sayings off by heart; if he taught, he must have required his disciples to memorize.” The same evidence has been presented by Harald Riesenfeld, also of Sweden, and Thorleif Boman of Norway.

Codex Vaticanus of the same period contains all the Gospels and most of the rest of the New Testament. French scholar Marcel Jousse in his own studies demonstrated the Semitic characteristics and rhythm of the sayings of Jesus as recorded in the Gospels.

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What first caught my attention was the very Hebraic word order of the Greek text of Mark.

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