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Auburn University (AU or Auburn) is a public research university in Auburn, Alabama, United States.

Eventually, football replaced polo as the main sport on campus. HOLIDAY BOWL: Baylor runs roughshod over UCLA 49-26The girl is Katherine Webb, who in some circles goes by the title of MISS ALABAMA. Mc Carron has gone 24-2 since taking over at quarterback in 2011. The boy is Alabama quarterback AJ Mc Carron, who is within one win of leading Alabama to its second national championship in a row and its third in four years. It's a made-for-TV story, with two small problems: Alabama and Auburn. This is just like Romeo and Juliet, with Alabama as Montague and Auburn as Capulet. On another side note, I promise you that a small portion of the Alabama fan base – I'd say about 4% – believes that Webb is a plant and that Auburn is attempting some sort of Manchurian Candidate maneuver with Mc Carron heading into the title game and the 2013 season.

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a private liberal arts school affiliated with the Methodist Episcopal Church, South.

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